Why Gender Specific Sober Living?

Men Have Unique Needs in Long Term Recovery

Studies have shown that men experience drug addiction differently than women, and have different reasons for turning to drugs and alcohol in the first place. Men who are in our extended care program often struggle with anger management or defiance. Some men, particularly those in recovery for methamphetamines or in recovery for ecstasy, struggle with depression and anxiety as their brains adjust to living sober.
The men in Laguna Beach Sober Living are housed in gender-specific homes where they build a connection with other recovering men. The men in Laguna Beach Sober Living benefit from being able to form a cohesive social network with other recovering males where they feel safe to discuss any topic or experience and can concentrate on their recovery without worrying about social approval or the impression they may be making on others.
All men at Laguna Beach Sober Living are expected to participate 12-step support meetings as part of the integration back into the “real” world from the security of the rehabilitation program.

Extended Structure & Sober Living = Better Outcomes

The greatest predictor of whether a man will remain sober after treatment is the amount of time he spent living in a structured environment. We designed Laguna Beach Sober Living based on our years of experience which showed us that men who continue to remain in a structured environment beyond the first 30 or 60 days of “lock down” treatment will be more likely to transition back into society without relapse.

At Laguna Beach Sober Living, men often are anxious to resume their education or career with the support of a structured living environment.

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